SBS Roadrunner Easy Loader Roller Trailers (braked)

your boat in mind

SBS make the UK’s highest selling range of boat trailers in the UK and come with a lifetime warranty on the frame. They have been making boat trailers for over 50 years and this show in the attention to detail and build quality that makes them different from the competition

The SBS braked easy loader boat trailers are perfect for boats up  weighing up to 2800 kg (including all equipment on the boat i.e. engine, fuel etc.) and are fully EU compliant. All the trailers are galvanised and come with a high capacity winch, securing eyes for ropes/ ratchet straps, full rear lighting on extending brackets  EEC approved hubs, jockey wheel etc.

If you are unsure of what size boat trailer you need please call us on 01475744555 with the make and model of your boat.

Tried, tested and proven over the years an easy loader trailer from SBS is designed with

  • Quality galvanised axles give a smooth ride for excellent towing characteristics and optimum safety, with EEC approved brakes and hubs.
  • Hubs now fitted with waterproof bearings on most models. Fully adjustable carpet padded bunks to protect and support the hull.
    All parts available from stock for speedy repair.
  • Securing eyes for the positive attachment of ratchet straps
  • High capacity winch to aid recovery.
  • Full rear lighting on extending brackets.

R2 = 2 wheel
R4 = 4 wheel
HD = heavy duty (6 or 8 ply tyres)

SBS Easy Loader Roller Trailer - braked


(inc VAT)
Length capacity
Max Boat
weight (kg)
Boat and Trailer
weight (kg)
dimensions (mm)
R2/1000EL£2259.23460071510002100 x 5580
R2/1300EL£2488.504600100013002200 x 5580
R2/1500EL£2600.955300110015002200 x 6600
R2/1600EL£2811.495300120016002200 x 6660
R2/1800EL£3032.585900135018002200 x 7300
R4/1800EL£3395.635900135018002200 x 7300
R4/2000EL£3524.015900154520002200 x 7300
R4/2600EL£3773.705900210026002200 x 7300
R4/3000EL£4307.376500235530002200 x 7900
R4/3500EL£4854.336500276035002200 x 7900