SBS Deep Keel Yacht Trailers

SBS Deep Keel Galvanised Yacht Trailer. These trailers are designed specifically for sailboats with fixed or listing keel. All the arms can be easily adjusted to fit the type of hull. If you have a retractable keel please call as we can offer different supports for this type of boat.
Deep Keel launch trolleys are also available on request for boats that are not being towed and are used on private land and marinas.

Standard Features:

  • Fully Galvanised Throughout
  • Waterproof Bearings
  • Telescopic Jockey Wheel
  • Four Telescopic Adjustable Quick Release Hull Supports
  • Padded Chocks And Stem Snubber
  • Auto Reversing Brakes On All Wheels
  • Alko Security Hitch Lock
  • Detachable Rear Lighting On Extending Brackets
SBS Deep Keel Yacht Trailer single axle

FK 1800 Single Axle

(inc VAT)
Max Boat
weight (kg)
Boat and Trailer
weight (kg)
dimensions (mm)
FK 1000 Deep Keel Trailer£1927.0075010002100 x 5580
FK 1300 Deep Keel Trailer£2232.0095013002200 x 5580
FK 1500 Deep Keel Trailer£2481.00115015002200 x 6600
FK 1800 Deep Keel Trailer£2725.0013501800
DK 1600 Deep Keel Trailer£2709.0012001600
DK 2000 Deep Keel Trailer£2832.00152020002200 x 6660
DK 2600 Deep Keel Trailer£3086.00210026002200 x 7300
DK 3000 Deep Keel Trailer£3694.00245030002200 x 7300
DK 3500 Deep Keel Trailer£4292.00285035002200 x 7300
DK 4000 Deep Keel Trailer£5057.00320040002200 x 7300
DK 5000 Deep Keel Trailer£7392.00418051852200 x 7900